HappyDog™ Automatic Drinking Station
HappyDog™ Automatic Drinking Station
HappyDog™ Automatic Drinking Station
HappyDog™ Automatic Drinking Station

HappyDog™ Automatic Drinking Station

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Improve your dog’s cognitive skills and self reliance with this HappyDog™ Automatic Drinking Station. All your dog has to dog is step on the pedal to open the water fountain valve – just remember to train your dog to only use it when he’s thirsty.

You always keep a water dish outside for your pet, but the water never seems to stay clean for too long. 

With this adorable and clever  HappyDog™ Automatic Drinking Station set up in your yard, your dogs can stay refreshed with a nice fresh drink of water whenever they want one!

The HappyDog™ Automatic Drinking Station ensures that a dog has access to fresh, cold drinking water at all times. Especially helpful during hot summer days. Outdoor Water Fountain allow pet to drink water by itself when your beloved dog wants to. While a minimal amount of training is needed.

Water fountain easy for pet to use and it is also easy to install. This is made of heavy gauge steel and solid brass for durability, leakage prevention and trouble-free operation. It can be easily attaches to your hose or faucet.

No more stagnant water or dog water bowls to clean. This is an outdoor hydration system that shoots a continuous stream of water every time your pet steps on the lid, with water stopping when weight is lifted off. You can control the water pressure. It is perfect for all sizes of pets at all stages of their lives.

Not only encourages your pet to drink, but bring brilliant fun for you and your dog.

No batteries and electrical cord required to operate!

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